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Special thanks to all who have listened to this great guitar song. This song was created 2003 as a guitar tune with words. Well, I have a real difficult time with words, and tend to rhyme the same two words in every verse of every song that I write. So instead of making the boring repetitive, redundant songs that I used to write in high school, I recreated this lovely song as a guitar solo song. Dedicated to my lovely wife, set on the sea shore in lovely Florida, the Linux Powered Ibanez RG-570 played through the Boss GT-6 gives the lead tones to this great tune. V-WAH provides the wah for the verses. The synthesizer is XV-5050 all the way with my own personal created sounds. I recorded the seagulls later in the recording processes. None of which were fed during the recording process (or after either).

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URJ is just the name of the song, it doesn't support any group name URJ, URK, or any URL . . . except . . .

D Minor 13th studies on Guitar ©2005 Two Brothers Software, GXP, Created with the Gimp, used by permission.

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