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Thank you for visiting the Two Brothers Software music resource page. All resources provided for free download are licensed under different agreements. These may be used unlimited for your own personal use, If you feel you would like to distribute these resources, prior permission must be obtained from Two Brothers Software or prior to public use. All images are copyright Two Brothers Software & GXP, and unauthorized use is prohibited. These resources are being made available free of charge, so please respect our requests.

Do you remember the old mod files that used to have that unique file extensions such as mod.thissong. Well we have found a couple of classics and converted them to MP3's for you. If you have mod files that you would like us to convert to sound files as MP3's let us know and we might post them here too. Check out our MOD resources page for some great songs.

These resources are copyright 2000 - 2007 and beyond. Some resources released under the Creative Commons license. Please read each resources comments carefully to fully understand what license you are falling under.

Take a second to listen to some potential songs from the next Ken Wagman CD. Here are some previews. These songs all © 2007 Ken Wagman, All Rights Reserved, used only by permission.

Ken Wagman Monks in Formal Attire
Ken Wagman Speed Monkey, Code Monkey Remix
Ken Wagman Hypnomelodorock 1
Ken Wagman Running Away From Nothing
Ken Wagman A Solid Nut Case
Ken Wagman 10,000 Lines of Code
Ken Wagman Everglades Twist (Fur Sandy)
Ken Wagman I Pod Shuffle
Ken Wagman Sandcastles on the Moon
Ken Wagman A Slice of Salami
Ken Wagman Chicken Wired for Sound
Ken Wagman Sacrifice
Ken Wagman Slamaroni!
Ken Wagman My Warrior

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