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Click on the image to download the full MP3 version of the Windows Parody!

One thing that makes this great nation great is the ability for us to make fun of ourselves. We do this best in the form of a Parody.

Knowing this, what better way than parody the recent Windows XP Service Pack 2!

Another night in this old town You can hear the os and their cry Blue screens in time They wonder why . . .

Blue screens of a golden age A generation waits for truth Needing service pack 2 There's Nothing more you can do


They're seein' through the promises And all the lies he dares to tell software created by hell? They all know too well . . .


The music was not written by me, but was played by me. The guitar solo was done on the Linux Powered Ibanez RG-570

Please, if you are looking for a more definitive reason to download this song that is 4,010,317 bytes, what more reason can I give you!

No Windows were defragmented in the creation of this song. No swap drives were deleted either!

Flute Soundtrack ©2007 Two Brothers Software, GXP, Created with the Gimp, used by permission.