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Art Resources:

The original Illinois Speed Trap

The new Onchomycosis

Calming Fireplace

Rock County Wisconsin Tornado, May 2004

The Rainbow Tornado Picture
, Taken July 2004, another Wisconsin Tornado!

Catfish Crossing, slow down

Boat Lunch

287 miles to here

Speed limits for morons

Speed limits on lakes too!

Foliage ahead
Or maybe a political sign?

Blue Flower on Dying Leaves

Bridges of Jupiter County
a classic picture for a classic novel.

A Classic photo from 1965

Bum Bum Bumblebee or AKA Bee Fur,

Don't get caught running the Slop Sign!

Dragonfly looking at you? Or me?

Fire Red Flowers

Grasshopper Close up

More Resources:

A close up of a Lion

A Very Nice Sunset

A Goldback Chipmunk

A Very Freeky Sunset

B&W With Edge Negative Effect

Looking under the Black Eyed Susan's

Breaking through the snow in spring

A beautiful close up of the jungle floor

A Nice Sunset on the Lake

A Cool Sunset on the Lake

A Cool Panoramic of the Lake

A Blue Panoramic of the River bed

Purple panoramic over the bridge

Driving slowly at night

Pretty yellow flowers

The Linux Guitar

The Bridge at Rotary Gardens

The Daffodil Chalk Drawing

The Trail

The Tracks

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